March Snackness
Inspired by 'March Madness', the marketing team at Popmenu was tasked with developing a social campaign to boost impressions and engagement. Thirty-two food items were selected to put up against one another in a tournament-style head-to-head competition. People would vote for their favorite and the winner would move on to the next round. 
The campaign consisted of an announcement video that prompted hype for the event, thirty-one head-to-head matchup animations, and a winner announcement video.
The announcement videos were styled to resemble ESPN high-level sports teasers. Lots of action accompanying music. 3D elements designed with Element 3D were incorporated for a higher impact on the audience.
The head-to-head posts were designed specifically for Instagram Stories, thus were in a tall format, keeping the output limited to one social source, making it easier for proper reporting on the data side. The design was templatized to allow for rapid creation as the competition progressed and to increase the level of recognition by voters. The main difference is the center 3D element changed with each round.
The example piece to the right was the final matchup.
Campaign Results
The results of the campaign were positive and achieved the goals that were set out. The primary drive here was to improve overall Impressions and drive Engagement to further the reach of Popmenu in the social media landscape. The campaign ran from March 13th to April 3rd of 2023. 
In total, the Instagram Stories earned 3,958 unique views and 1,930 unique votes, with an average voting rate of 49.12%. 
The Announcement Posts earned a total of 9007 Impressions, 348 engagements, and an average engagement rate of 7.47%, accounting for 43% of the total impressions and 43% of the total engagements Popmenu earned across all posted social content during the run of the campaign. 
Campaign Announcement - Impressions: 392% over average | Engagements: 475% over average | Engagement Rate: 34% over Popmenu average posts
Winner Announcement - Impressions: 249% over average | Engagements: -7% under average | Engagement Rate: -29% under Popmenu average posts
The positive results of the campaign lead us to the conclusion that this is a campaign worth repeating, and are actively looking at similar types of campaigns to pursue for special events and holidays.
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