I was inspired by the Microworld movement that arose in 2021. I decided to give my hand at the art style and use it as an exercise in perspective and photo collage work. The challenge would come from the selection of appropriate photography, color correction, and perspective manipulation to create a convincing and interesting scene. 
For my first piece, I decided to keep on the simpler side to learn the nuances related to the style. The lack of elevation change meant that I could focus more on color correction and stitching of photos while keeping perspective change minimal. Adding the elephants to the scene presented the most significant challenge due to the need to keep their color consistent and meshing with the rest of the scene.
For my second piece, I decided to go with a more challenging piece by playing with multiple perspectives. The blending of the large rocks with the waterfall presented difficulties but was managed through the strategic placement of foliage.
My third piece I pulled back on the extreme nature of the perspective, and wanted to explore the transparent nature of water, as well as the unique challenges that sand would present. Pulling a good matte on the palm trees also was a technical challenge to overcome.
My fourth piece took many aspects of the previous pieces and pushed them further, with more extreme perspective manipulations, color corrections, and careful matte selection.
In my fifth piece, I decided to further explore the use of the side walls to further tell the story of the scene. Lava and water were key here. As well, I attempted to add steam to further sell the heat of this iconic local.
For my final piece, I decided to really push the bounds vertically, and create a lot of dynamism with the transparency under the water while also showing the roughness of the water's surface.
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