This series of sketches (which may continue) was designed to train my ability to see and render perspective quickly and accurately. I would not allow myself to use typical tools such as rulers, grids, or other forms of measurement to ensure correct perspectives and scales, but instead focus on seeing the broader picture. As well, I wanted to focus on implying textures and details, rather than trying to draw everything exactly. I wanted to portray mood while not getting caught in the weeds. The use of pen would not allow me to go back and correct mistakes, forcing myself to be mindful of my line choices.
My first piece went better than expected. I thought that the temple would be more difficult to create than it was. However, the intricate brickwork lent itself well to implied details.
I was caught off guard with this piece, as the numerous arches and domes paired with intricate geometric patterns characteristic to Islamic art made keeping everything in perspective very difficult. Despite things getting a little off in spots, I am overall pleased with the final result - I was forced to adjust my perspective in places to accommodate for mistakes made early on.
I enjoyed the verticality of this piece, but the difficulty came not from the perspective (which is quite simple) but rather from the ivy. Because the ivy covers the entirety of the building at varying distances, I would need to develop a method to blend detail close up but imply it far away while maintaining cohesiveness across the piece. This led to me experimenting with 4 different methods prior to beginning the piece.
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