At Popmenu, social posts are used across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These are the primary channels for speaking to restaurant owners/operators. As such, most pieces were designed with three size formats in mind - though this was not always the case, as some posts had more specific targets that only pertained to some channels. The posts typically fell into particular category types: Infographic, Announcement, Promotional, Community, and Fun.
Infographic social posts are generally pulled from Popmenu's own surveys and data-gathering campaigns. The primary purpose of these posts is to provide distinct data points, driving potential clients to data reports - beginning a client acquisition pipeline.
Announcement posts are used to provide broad information about Popmenu. These can cover a variety of topics, but industry awards are one of the more common items here.
Promotional posts are used for upcoming events. These events can be either live-venue or remote, with tradeshows and webinars being the most common of these. As Popmenu is a fast-growing company in the international space, it is important to announce our presence in the space.
Popmenu celebrates its clients and its employees. These posts serve to build goodwill and demonstrate the company's commitment to people.
Sometimes, posts that are just fun and entertaining are the best type of content to drive engagement and growth. These posts can vary widely and tend to be driven by pop-culture trends.
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